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  "Smog-Less" Saturday Events 

Replace Your Ride weekend events are a convenient way for you to get your vehicle smog tested, receive your program eligibility voucher, and get started with the replacement process. Case managers will be available to answer any questions and address concerns, including helping you connect with representatives from the financial institutions, dismantlers, and automotive dealerships. They can also assist in getting your retirement vehicle smog checked.

Events will be attended by representatives from:

  • Smog check stations. Potential participants will have their vehicles tested for emissions and durability. Up to 50 vehicles will be smog tested at each event. 
  • Dismantlers. Participating dismantlers will be present at the event and can take your vehicle immediately, and will then present you with a voucher.  
  • Financial institutions. Discuss financing options for a new or used vehicle with one of our non-profit financial institutions who can help you secure no-interest or low-interest loans or provide financial counseling.
  • Dealerships. A number of dealership representatives will be at the events and will bring eligible replacement vehicles. You can select from a stock of qualifying vehicles and complete the transaction without having to leave the event, in most cases.
  • Public transportation and ride-sharing. Take advantage of discounted transit passes or rideshare options during the event. 

Upcoming Events

  • April 15th, 2017, CarMax - 4100 Inland Empire Blvd, Ontario, CA 91764


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